Kent Hrbek: World Series hero, eater of dog treats

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Kent Hrbek is such a big deal in Minnesota that they recently built a statue of him outside Target Field. He's also asked to fill-in on morning shows when the regular guy is out, which is how he came to guest host "Twin Cities Live" on the local ABC affiliate earlier this week.

It's also how Hrbek came to give Joe Mauer a frightful glimpse into his post-career future as a local legend. Apparently never one to say no to a free meal, the former first baseman  jumped into action as the official taste tester during a segment on organic dog treats. He sampled three different varieties during his biscuit buffet, issuing comments like "a little bland," "they're big and hearty" and "if I was a lab, I'd love that."

Watch as Hrbek starts noshing around around the 4:00 mark — or about the time Ron Gant and Braves fans start to reconsider who really won the 1991 World Series.

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