Nick Young of the Lakers threw out an awful first pitch at the Dodgers game

Nick Young, the Los Angeles Lakers' sometimes-good, sometimes-hilarious shooting guard, threw out the first pitch before Wednesday night's Los Angeles Dodgers game. And much like the Lakers' season, it didn't go too well.

Young — nicknamed Swaggy P — seemed to think he was heaving up a half-court shot, not throwing a baseball 60 feet. He launched the ball high above the catcher, so high the catcher didn't even bother to try to grab it. Not Young's first air ball, and probably not his last.

The pitch was bad. It was for-the-ages bad. Especially considering he's a professional athlete and not a pop star or an actor, the types of people who usually bungle these things. Young didn't seem particularly embarrassed, though.

He warmed up and got pointers before the game. It looked like he could handle it. 

We've seen a number of horrible first pitches over the years — we're looking at you, Carly Rae Jepsen and Mariah Carey — and Young isn't the first NBA player to make that list. John Wall's bad first pitch is perhaps the most famous.

Time will tell if Young's bad first pitch becomes as famous as Wall's.

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