• Tony Romo-to-KC talk isn't ending anytime soon
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    Tony Romo-to-KC talk isn't ending anytime soon

    When it comes to Tony Romo, most Kansas City Chiefs fans have made up their minds on whether they want the soon-to-be-former Dallas Cowboys quarterback to come to Kansas City. Regardless of your stance, the talk of Romo-to-KC won’t be going away anytime soon. Most recently, Peter King of the MMQB talked about how the Chiefs and Houston Texans are the best possible destinations for Romo. Here’s what he said: “In Kansas City, Andy Reid has seen the ceiling of Alex Smith, and it is nice. Nice, as in final eight of the NFL … not as in final two. Reid has never minded upsetting the apple cart for a potentially special player. Romo would be that. Smith is mature enough to take this, to understand the

  • Revis insists he did not knock men unconscious

    Revis insists he did not knock men unconscious

    Ralph Vacchiano, NFL Insider | Facebook | Twitter | Archive Darrelle Revis "absolutely" did not knock out two men on a street in Pittsburgh in the early morning hours of Feb. 12 and the voice heard bragging about it on a video of the aftermath of the incident was "NOT" Revis' voice, his attorneys said. Their denial and defense of the Jets cornerback came on Sunday night, hours after a video was published on TMZ.com that allegedly showed the aftermath of the incident that ended with Revis facing a variety of charges from Pittsburgh police. The video shows two men on the ground, seemingly unconscious, and a voice can be heard saying "I knocked both of these m---f-ers out." Then what sounds like

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    The 7 Worst Games of Tom Brady

    For former sixth-round draft pick, Tom Brady, the majority of his legendary career is nothing short of skillful and brilliant. Well, to prove that No. 12 can in fact make mistakes, Brady has experienced a handful of forgettable performances — some costing his New England Patriots critical games. With a redemption officially in the books after a decisive win against the Falcons a year later, here are the seven worst games of Tom Brady’s career, ranked in chronological order. 1.