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The Boston Celtics' Ray Allen(notes) becomes a free agent this summer but it appears that he would like to stay in Beantown, according to the Boston Globe.

The big question is how much longer the Celtics want to try and stick with the Big Three: Allen, Paul Pierce(notes), and Kevin Garnett(notes). Pierce has a $21 million player option for next season that he'll likely choose. And Garnett is inked till 2012. The paper suggests that Allen would take a two-year, $20 million contract right now if the team wanted to try and keep the old gang together for two more years.

The 34-year-old Allen is making $19 million this season but he knows as well as you do that he won't be making that next season no matter where he signs. This summer he'll be in the second group of free agents to be wined and dined across the country, waiting his turn behind LeBron James(notes), Chris Bosh(notes), and Dwyane Wade(notes).

"I am a loyalty person. If the opportunity presented itself to get a deal at the current moment as we speak, I would be all over it,'' Allen told the Globe. And it's not as if he's some creaky old man. Allen is averaging 15.9 points per game.

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Source: Boston Globe

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