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Nobody has approached Carmelo Anthony(notes) to ask him if he would consider signing a contract extension with the New Jersey Nets. At least that's what the All-Star forward said after the second day of training camp, according to AOL FanHouse.

When asked if someone had asked him as much, he said, "Not at all." But he wouldn't answer directly yes or no when asked if he would be willing to go to New Jersey if a deal were struck: "I'm here," Anthony said. "This ain't the offseason. The season has started. I'm not a free agent yet.''

However, he also made it clear that he's ready to talk to the Nuggets about any potential trade: "If they come to me and say they want to trade me to a team, then we'll discuss that when the time comes,'' Anthony said. "Right now, they haven't come and said that to me yet. Until that time, I'm here playing basketball.''

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Source: AOL FanHouse

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