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Sometimes, I want to support all my favorite players at once and I don't know how.  Shockingly there is no hybrid Brad Miller(notes)/Pau Gasol/Derrick Rose(notes) hybrid jersey to be found on the entire Internet. Yet. However, I do know where to get a Brad Miller/Anthony Peeler/Rodney Buford Sacramento Kings jersey — eBay, of course!

Featuring the number of every King except Tony Massenburg(notes) from the 2003-04 season, this monstrosity lets you cheer on an entire team's worth of players who are no longer with the team. That's right, every player on this jersey has left the Kings, and seven of the 12 aren't even in the NBA any more. (Miss you, Vlade.)

The jersey is a size 56, with additional length added, meaning that it's nearly as big as the jersey Allan Houston used to wear. At the very least, for only $19.99 plus shipping you're getting a whole bunch of purple fabric for a pretty good price. Back in Medieval Europe, that would make you a king.

I wonder if that's how they chose the uniform colors. Ziller, any idea?

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: Two Muggsy Bogues ...

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