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Babies drool a lot. Everybody knows that. Along with sleeping, drooling is one of the things that they're most famous for (also, dirty diapers). Basically, even if you're totally clueless about babies, you're well aware that they're slobber factories.

The funny thing about babies and drooling is that even when they're 6-foot-9, 290 pounds they still drool. It doesn't matter if they're 24 years old, you can't stop the drool rush. Here's the proof.

What is it with this season's playoffs and bodily fluids? Steve Nash's(notes) eye bled everywhere, Kobe Bryant(notes) snotted all up in Ric Bucher's hair and now Boston Celtics forward Glen Davis(notes) threw a saliva party and we were all invited. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to R.S.V.P. "cannot attend."

Hey, Glen Davis scored nine crucial points in a game-changing fourth-quarter run, so he's allowed to be a little reckless with his spittle. In fact, that's probably a famous adage in a Farmer's Almanac. However, if he's really trying to kick a nickname like "Big Baby" to the curb, perhaps it's not the best choice to be filmed with copious amounts of drool falling out of his mouth in slow-motion. It doesn't take an expert in brand consulting to realize that is counterintuitive. 

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Ball Don't Lie

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