Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Sometimes, when there is nothing going on in the NBA — and thus, no new goofy pictures — I like to dip into my vast Brad Miller(notes) archives for some vintage hilarity. Look at this guy. He can't even get his headband on his head the right way and he's wearing an elbow pad made from some old socks. Oh, Brad. So silly with your terry cloth antics. Best caption wins a headband. Good luck.

Previously, Kobe's confused.

Winner, indeedproceed: "But if the McRib is so popular, why do they only have it on the menu once and a while?"

Runner-up, brian: "I'm still lost Shaq on a team yet?"

Second runner-up, Buck: "So...did the top keep spinning or not? Also, what was the deal with the guy from '3rd Rock from the Sun?'"

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Ball Don't Lie

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