Dale Earnhardt Jr. offers frank assessment on recent issues, NASCAR’s reaction and potential impact

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. questions what type of message NASCAR could be sending if it doesn’t further penalize Austin Dillon a week after not punishing Kyle Busch for swinging at Joey Logano. Earnhardt spent about 10 minutes on the topic, which branched out to how he would punish Dillon and NASCAR’s fluid enforcement of such issues through the years. “This isn’t nothing against Austin or Kyle for that matter,’’ Earnhardt said on his podcast. “The only thing that I worry about really isn’t what the fans think about the penalties or to penalize or not to penalize, (or) whether the sponsors have a problem with their car getting penalized or not penalized, what I worry about is what do you want to happen

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    Kligerman: Everyone Should Try Attending the Daytona 500 because . . . America!

    Let’s face it: Big events are terrible. More than 100,000 people descending on a destination laughably unfit for the attention. Bursting at the seams of its infrastructure and mobility. Anything you attempt to do will be greeted by a line. A line to move, a line to eat, a line to see, a line to pee. Always in a line. And lines are awful. The Daytona 500 should be no different. But it is. Because most events attract 100,000-plus people because everyone wants to be there. The Daytona 500, on the other hand, has commentators, writers, outsiders and other sports aficionados telling you that no one wanted to be there. The problem is they were there –  the forgotten, post-majority, God-fearing Trump

  • Power Rankings: Mr. 2nd-place Kyle Larson isn't second
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    Power Rankings: Mr. 2nd-place Kyle Larson isn't second

    As always, Power Rankings are far from a scientific formula. 1. Kyle Larson (LW: 5): Is the era of Kyle Larson upon us? While it’s easy to say Larson should have more than one win in his Cup Series career, it’s also impossible to ignore the uptick in his performance since May of 2016.