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The New York Yankees have a pretty good starting rotation and have no plans to bolster it with the addition of Seattle Mariners hurler Cliff Lee(notes) before the trading deadline, according to the New York Daily News.

"There is no urgency to do anything with the rotation," the source for the Daily News said. "That's not an area that we're focused on. ... Seattle may be doing its prep work by scouting a bunch of different teams. But it sounds like they're doing more prep work than we are on this one."

Lee is 4-2 with a 2.77 ERA in eight starts for the Mariners this year after dominating in the postseason for the Philadelphia Phillies last year.

While the Yanks don't appear to want to trade for Lee, he does become a free agent at season's end, so don't be surprised if the Bronx Bombers are at the front of the line to sign him. "After the year, when [Javier] Vazquez's contract is off the books, they'll make a push for him," the source said. "But the idea of them trading [top catching prospect Jesus] Montero for Lee now is ludicrous."

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Source: New York Daily News

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