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Manny Ramirez(notes) and Vladimir Guerrero(notes) used to command the offseason interest and headlines, but they've been reduced to players being tacked onto rosters less than a month before spring training gets underway.

ESPN Deportes is reporting that both are close to finding deals for the coming season, according to a translation by MLB Trade Rumors.

Ramirez may sign his deal by the beginning of next week

A source told ESPN Deportes that Ramirez is likely to sign by the beginning of next week and he's getting interest from the Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays. The Minnesota Twins were also interested before re-signing Jim Thome(notes). The site reports that the 38-year-old wants to show the world he's still got game after a season that saw him appear in only 90 games and hitting only nine home runs and 42 RBIs for the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Meanwhile, a source tells ESPN Deports that the Baltimore Orioles or Angels are most likely to sign Guerrero. However, the Baltimore Sun reports that the O's aren't going hard for Vlad right now.

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Source: ESPN

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