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Prince Fielder talks waiting on Yu Darvish decision?

While every team would like to add the offensive power of 27-year-old first baseman Prince Fielder, not a whole lot of teams have the kind of cash he'd like to receive. And so he remains on the open market, waiting for his big bucks to fall from the sky.

ESPN reports that those big bucks aren't likely to come from the Seattle Mariners. The site has heard from a baseball agent that the rumors about Fielder headed to Seattle are "extremely overblown" and that the M's only have $3 million or $4 million left in their budget to spend this offseason.

With spring training kicking off in about a month, Fielder's decision has to come sometime soon. The Seattle Times notes that it is looking like Fielder's agent, Scott Boras, "is waiting out the Texas Rangers to see if they consummate a deal with Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish." If the Rangers don't finish that up by Jan. 18, Darvish disappears in a puff of smoke back to Japan and the team gets back the $51,703,411 it posted for the rights to negotiate with Darvish. ("The 34 and 11 at the end of the bid symboliz(e) the uniform numbers of Rangers president Nolan Ryan and Darvish, respectively," the Times notes.)

If somehow Darvish doesn't get signed by the Rangers, which would be surprising, the team will have a bunch of cash that it may want to throw at Fielder. So Boras is likely waiting to see what happens there. "Once [the Darvish talks] get resolved, the Fielder talks should accelerate," the Times notes.

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