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Former All-Star Ben Sheets(notes) is apparently at the top of the list for the New York Mets this off-season even though he didn't pitch in the majors this year, according to the New York Post. While John Lackey(notes) is the guy the Mets somehow hope to get, the 31-year-old Sheets is a much more likely choice if the New York Daily News is to be believed.

The Daily News reports that the Mets only have $20 million to spend this off-season.

While the Mets are sure to reduce the $147 payroll it had last season, which would allow for more than $20 million to be spent on free agents, it is believed that there is no way the Mets can compete in the free-agent bidding wars that will take place for Lackey, Matt Holliday(notes), and Jason Bay(notes).

So Sheets and Jason Marquis(notes) are apparently the two pitchers that the team is focused on snagging

Source: New York PostNew York Daily News

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