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Talks between the Minnesota Twins and American League MVP catcher Joe Mauer(notes) have been going slowly and it might be time soon for the Twins to start thinking about trading him, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

The Twins seem ready to give Mauer a deal unlike any it has offered any player before. But Mauer's side is apparently dragging its feet, making it seem like Mauer wouldn't mind seeing what he can do financially and on the field elsewhere.

The odds are still pretty high that Mauer will end up signing with the Twins but it doesn't seem as much a sure thing as it did a few weeks ago. The word is that the team has offered more than $20 milion a season but Mauer may want around $25 million annually and that isn't something the Twins really feel comfortable doing.

The Twins, of course, would like to open their new stadium with Mauer on board for the next zillion years but if he won't sign, it seems likely that he could head elsewhere later this season.

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Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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