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New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes got questioned by federal agents the other day in connection with a Canadian doctor who is under investigation for drug violations.

Now word is New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez(notes) and troubled golfer Tiger Woods are also on the list for questioning by federal agents, according to the New York Daily News.

The man under investigation, Dr. Tony Galea, is charged in Canada with conspiring to smuggle HGH and the drug Actovegin into America as well as conspiracy to smuggle prohibited goods into Canada and unlawfully selling Actovegin. In other words, not the kind of guy you want to be associated with in any way.

The only obvious link between Rodriguez and Galea is that the chiropractor that helped Rodriguez rehab his hip last year is an associate of Galea's. That chiropractor, Mark Lindsay, has also been connected to BALCO.

Rodriguez was doing a pretty good job at staying below the radar this spring training. That is apparently about to change.

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Source: New York Daily News

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