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Like the rest of you non-politico types, I've had my Friday morning derailed by trying to figure out exactly who this Sarah Palin character is. After a quick bit of research, I've figured out the reason as to why I've never seen her hockey-mom good looks before. She has not been grilled by the likes of Tim Russert, Chris Matthews or Larry King ("Dead Horse, Alaska, Hello!"), but rather Donny Baarns, the legendary voice of the Alaska Goldpanners.  Seriously, search "Sarah Palin" and "interview" on 'Tube and it's the first result.

She actually does a good job up in the booth, especially considering Baarns asks her about shooting other politicians and then mentions she's been called the country's hottest governess. (2 words: Un + comfortable). Along the way, though , Baarns does a nice job introducing us to Palin. I can now move onto other endeavors. Onward and upward.

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