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I have no idea whether or not Bud Selig intentionally posed by this out-of-service ATM at the owner's meetings on Thursday in Arizona. But he did make reference to it while saying the state of the economy is weighing on the mind of every owner:

“Some owner needed money and took all the money out,” Selig said.

If that, in fact, happened, the withdrawn cash hasn't been seeing the outstretched arms of any desperate free agents. Ever since the Yankees finished their big spending bonanza, the market has been quieter than the demand for luxury suites at new Yankee Stadium. How are the head honchos busying themselves? Well, some small-market owners like Milwaukee's Mark Attanasio are calling for a salary cap while others seem to be waiting out Manny Ramirez and Scott Boras' demand for four years.  

Still, pitchers and catchers now report in less than a month. Can we resolve where most of these guys are going to land, preferably during that dead week between the NFL league championships and the week that leads up to the Super Bowl? Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu would like their peace of mind back and we bloggers would like to start hammering out some team previews and projections for the season ahead. 

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