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The Winter Meetings were all-a-Twitter with activity, but not a whole lot of action. Of the deals that actually went down, here are the 10 most notable. Not included: the Chone Figgins(notes) signing, because the negotiations happened before everyone got to Indy.

1. Tigers, D-backs, Yankees make a three-way trade: right-handers Edwin Jackson(notes) and Ian Kennedy(notes) head to Arizona. Max Scherzer(notes), lefties Phil Coke(notes) and Daniel Schlereth(notes), along with top prospect Austin Jackson(notes) (right), go to Detroit. All-Star outfielder Curtis Granderson(notes) is bound for New York

The blockbuster allows Detroit to shave payroll now and could yield the most talent when we look back on the deal in, say, two years. Granderson is everything he's cracked up to be, and makes the Yankees a lot better today, though he's awful against lefty pitching. Everything needs to go just right for this to be a good trade for Arizona.

2. Braves trade closer Rafael Soriano(notes) to the Rays for right-hander Jesse Chavez(notes)

Rays' general manager Andrew Friedman turned depth at second base — Akinori Iwamura(notes) — into Chavez, who came from the Pirates. Friedman settles his team's closer issue with Soriano, who was one of the best in the majors last season. Atlanta gets something for Soriano, a player they weren't expecting back but surprised them by accepting arbitration.

3. Cardinals sign Brad Penny(notes) to a one-year contract

He has a certain amount of injury risk, but Penny should be at his peak with Dave Duncan at the coaching controls. For $7.5 million plus incentives, he also provides insurance if Joel Pineiro(notes) bolts.

4. Rich Harden(notes) signs with the the Rangers

The Cubs let him get away without getting a sandwich pick. Immensely talented, but he's brittle as a peanut. Harden's career highs in starts (31) and innings (189 2/3) came in 2004.

5. Orioles trade Chris Ray(notes) for Kevin Millwood(notes) and money

The Rangers essentially pay the Orioles $3 million to take Millwood (who will earn $12 million this season) off their hands and clear space for Harden's salary ($6.5 million plus incentives). It's the kind of trade Charlie Finley would have loved.

6. Brewers sign Randy Wolf(notes) for three years with a club option for a fourth

Solid 33-year-old left-hander. It's a lot of money — $29.75 million guaranteed — for "solid." He's been healthy the past two seasons, but wasn't for 3 1/2 years before that.

7. LaTroy Hawkins(notes) signs for two seasons with the Brewers

Great set-up man, scary bad closer. But the Brewers have Trevor Hoffman(notes), so Hawkins can just worry about the eighth and, sometimes, the seventh.

8. Carl Pavano(notes) accepts arbitration with the Twins

Unsexy, but a key move for the AL Central champs. Pavano probably could afford to avoid the free-agent market because of the megadeal he signed with the Yankees several years ago. Also means the end of Boof Bonser(notes) in the Twin Cities, but he's now with the Red Sox.

9. Astros trade for right-hander Matt Lindstrom(notes) ...

10. ... and sign right-hander Brandon Lyon(notes)

The 'Stros are putting a lot of resources into relief pitchers with checkered pasts. Lindstrom has a great arm, when healthy. Lyon has a good track record as a set-up man, not so much as a closer. And they're paying $15 million over three seasons for this?

* * *

Best of the rest:

• Nationals sign Ivan Rodriguez(notes) to a two-year deal: It's easy to knock the Nats for this — because it makes very little sense.

• Andy Pettitte signs with Yankees: Like he was going anywhere.

• Yankees trade Brian Bruney(notes) to Nationals: This qualified as big news for most of Day 1.

• Ross Gload signs with Phillies: Makes better contact, in theory, than Matt Stairs(notes).

• Matt Murton sold to Japan: Makes me think of when Kyle Kendrick(notes) was "sold" to Japan.

• Ryan Sadowski signs with Astros: Sleeper alert! Ed Wade, when he's not overpaying for Brandon Lyon or getting beat up by Shawn Chacon(notes), pulls off interesting little moves.

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