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C'mon, you knew I would find a way to work 9/02/10 day on to the Stew, didn't you?

So what was Luke Perry doing at Cinergy Field on June 1, 2002? Well, it seems that Perry was on hand to read Lou Gehrig's farewell speech as part of a Project A.L.S project. He also threw a ceremonial first pitch to Ken Griffey Jr.(notes), (a mind-boggling act that would have made my 1992 self record it on my VCR for posterity).

That's about all the details I have, so let's just assume he delivered Gehrig's words in a disaffected Dylan voice before talking sideburns and Social Security benefits with Johnny Bench.

By the way, Jason Priestley also gave Gehrig's address in Detroit that day, but didn't wear any Tigers gear. I would've expected more from the sports editor of the Beverly Blaze, but perhaps his steroids-obsessed self was taking an early stand against PED use.

(Come to think of it, he was probably also a Minnesota Twins fan.)

UPDATE: My man C. Trent points out below that he could have worn his prized Twins jersey had Emily Valentine not worn it to paint the homecoming float. Awesome.

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