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Huh? Mike Piazza will help the Marlins shut down Sun Life StadiumIt looks like someone in the Florida Marlins event planning office has a pretty good sense of humor.

That's because Mike Piazza has been invited — and will reportedly be in attendance — when the team mercifully shuts off the Sun Life Stadium lights forever after the last game of this season.

Yes, that would be the same Mike Piazza who played a whopping five games for the Marlins in 1998 before being dealt away to the New York Mets as part of the team's first big fire sale. What's more, only two of those five games were played at home.

But, hey, no matter. Piazza will take part in a celebration that will also include three of the players the Marlins shipped to the Dodgers for Piazza — Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield(notes) and Charles Johnson — as well as Preston Wilson, who was part of the Piazza trade to the Mets.

Presumably not included in the celebration will be Jose Mesa, Alex Gonzalez(notes) or Steve Bartman. All arguably made bigger contributions to Florida's franchise than Piazza!

All kidding aside, though, I can see why they invited Piazza out to the party. He's a nice guy and people like hanging out with him. Guys like that are always going to get invited places without hesitation. (Well, unless it's the Hall of Fame, in which case the media will stage a tiresome month-long debate that will end with his name on 47 percent of the ballots.)

At the same time, why would you invite one of the biggest symbols of your infamous payroll purges to a day filled with memories of your two World Series winners?

It's kind of odd, to say the least.

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