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Johnny Damon may have shaved his 'stache off, but Jason Giambi is still rocking the upper lip hair.  It's coming in rather nicely and Giambi can even now point to a Wall Street Journal article proving the positive impact it's had on his game. In fact, there's a good chance we could see Giambi and his mustache at the All-Star Game in about a month. If so, I promise an exclusive interview.

However, I'd like to clear one thing up. After seeing the above picture of Giambi at a fundraiser for The Jorge Posada Foundation on Monday night, I don't think he belongs in the hipster category I assigned him a few weeks ago.

No. Since seeing him in that high white collar, I now believe he's one wide-brimmed hat and a nice cravat from looking like an extra on the set of the now-defunct 'Deadwood' (RIP). With a little more time, he might even be able to pull off an extra-with-lines part ... maybe as a well-intentioned and noble town butcher or silversmith?

For more mustachey goodness on the YSB, make sure to check out MJD's countdown of the NFL's greatest lady ticklers over on Shutdown Corner. I'm obviously partial to Sweetness, though I think he's ranked a little low, especially in light of the fact that Wanny (AAAAAP!) is two spots ahead of him.

Given that injustice, I'm honestly a little worried that the relationship between MJD and I might go all Jeter and A-Rod weird if he does something like not put Mike Ditka in his obvious spot atop the mustache chart. (I'm headed to The Cell tonight for Sox-Pirates and Da Coach's influence is sure to be seen everywhere.)

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