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Believe it or not, there are a few good reasons not to renew your season tickets after a world championship season.

Among them: You can't afford them any more, you marry a former super model who prefers nice nights at home and/or you're a Marlins fan and they just held a fire sale after winning the whole thing.

Decidedly not among them? You're mad because the general manager decided to replace Johnny Damon(notes) with Randy Winn(notes).

If you haven't received your daily belly laugh yet — or your occasional dose of ignorance-induced outrage — go check out New Stadium Insider, which has posted what it says is an actual email between a ticked-off New York Yankees fan and a team ticket rep.

Despite his team winning the World Series just three months ago, this Bronx Bum is mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more.

Make sure to go over and read the whole thing, but here's an excerpt of this guy's angry declaration of independence from a championship team:

"(My) list of transgressions includes bringing in players who have already proven they are capable of succeeding in ny ( nick Johnson and Javier vasquez), destroying the farm system that was finally being built back up to aquire older players who have had mediocre careers (granderson) and today the signing of winn in order to save some money instead of bringing back one of the most productive players as well as a great teammate, Johnny Damon was the final straw ...

"This offseason has not instilled this same confidence, so I regretfully must inform you that I am cancelling my ticket plan. I am no longer a ticket package holder for the Yankees, but I remain what I will always be, I lifelong Yankee fan."

You tell 'em, guy! 

Look, this guy obviously has the right to his opinion on Brian Cashman's offseason moves and he's certainly entitled to spend his money as he see fits.

But to act like a Mets fan just after a World Series title and a decade that saw the Yankees spend more than the GDP of some mid-sized countries in hopes of winning that ring?

Well, that's the shortest benefit of the doubt I've seen since I gave Michael Mann another chance and then had to turn off Public Enemies about 20 minutes in.  

And God forbid what might've happened if this guy was born a Pirates fan. 

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