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Awkward: Shane Victorino’s homer sails foul, no one tells him

At least Shane Victorino's(notes) sprained right thumb passed the test.

He didn't lose any strength in his legs, either.

The Philadelphia Phillies' All-Star outfielder went 4 for 8 in his rehab stint at Double-A Reading and is expected back with the big league club this week. But his minor league visit also earned a humorous footnote on Sunday when Victorino stroked what he thought was a home run down the right-field line at Trenton's Waterfront Park.

Victorino put his head down and started trotting around the bases. The only problem was that his drive had been ruled foul — a fact that Victorino didn't learn until he rounded third and manager Jeff Parent finally clued him in.

As The 700 Level put it, that's a "Zoolander fail."

Watch it here:

From the Trenton Times:

From the cheers of the crowd, Victorino thought it was fair, and first-base umpire Doug Vines never stopped him at second to tell him it was foul.

"Parent stopped me at third and said, 'It wasn't a home run,'" the two-time Gold Glove winner said. "I said, 'Well, I appreciate you letting me trot around the bases.' No one stopped me. It was an embarrassing moment."

"Embarrassing"? Methinks Shane is being a little hard on himself.

Now, had he shown up the pitcher, ran around the bases backward and somersaulted his way into home plate, maybe that would've been embarrassing.

But this? Looks to me like a little extra exercise.

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