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What's with Houston Astros fans and their recent highlight-worthy run-ins with wayward souvenirs?

Last week, the "Foul Ball Couple" fled its way into 15 minutes of fameand then some.  

This week, it's this fan above who refused to put down his cell phone on Monday night as a foul ball from Jeff Keppinger(notes) approached — but promptly caught the chopper with his lid anyway.  

Watch the fan's super snag here

Now, it is our usual protocol to mock anyone we spy on a cell phone at a baseball game. Especially Yankees fans who get smacked in the face because they're not watching the action.

But in this case, we have to give a big BLS head nod to this fella. Not only was he paying enough attention to make the play, he did it while wearing a solid sign of a true fan who knows his stuff (a sweet Kevin Bass-era 'Stros throwback jersey).

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Also, he obeyed the No. 1 rule of foul-ball grabbing and immediately gave it up to the young boy — son? brother? nephew? random stranger? — sitting next to him.

So keep chatting away, fella. You've earned your air time.

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