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Several catchers to wear special pink fingernail stickers on Mother’s Day

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Yadier Molina is among the catchers using Game Signs' new product. (AP)

Let’s put the whole pink bat controversy aside for a minute and focus on something positive going into Major League Baseball's full slate of games scheduled for Mother’s Day.

Game Signs, a nationwide provider of bright signal enhancement stickers used by baseball catchers, will be doing a wonderful service for breast cancer awareness (and to recognize mothers in general) by providing its major league clients with special pink fingernail stickers to wear during Sunday's action.

You probably got the gist of what these stickers are all about when I mentioned "signal enhancement." But just in case you're still unsure I'll let the president and founder of the company, Matt Flaherty, explain the purpose in his own words courtesy of the company's press release sent out earlier this week.

“Throughout the history of the game, catcher’s have tried a number of different makeshift methods to highlight their signs to the pitcher and make them more visible, namely; athletic tape, white out, white paint, white nail polish and chalk,” President and founder Matt Flaherty said in the company's press release. “The innovative new product from Game Signs allows catchers to communicate more clearly with their pitcher and position players.”

According to the release, over 40 big league catchers are currently using the product on a regular basis. Among those we can expect to see wearing the Mother's Day edition stickers are Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals, John Buck of the New York Mets and Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins.

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That's an all-star group right there, and with roughly two-thirds of the league on board, the pink fingernails should be plenty visible on Sunday.

Good on you, Game Signs. And a big pat on the back in advance to those players who support their product and agreed to sport pink fingernails in a public setting.

Learn more about Game Signs over at gamesigns.com.

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