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Mike Trout helps high-school student ask a girl to prom

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Mike Trout's sixth tool — prom wingman. (USA TODAY Sports)

When Gio Gonzalez helped a high schooler ask his girlfriend to prom, we heard about how important it is for teens these days to come up with a wow-worthy "promposal" — yep, there's even a cutesy title for asking someone to prom in 2014.

CNN recently did a story about the pressures teens face in this endeavor. Those of us who graduated high school 20 or so years ago are probably pretty happy that we missed all this.

If there was anybody who could ease the pressures of the promposal for New Jersey high-school kid Tim Moraski, it was New Jersey's own Mike Trout, stud ballplayer for the Los Angeles Angels, the guy who can do it all, even get a guy a date, apparently. At 22, Trout still isn't too detached from his own prom, which probably prompted him to lend Moraski a hand (or just a couple of his tweeting fingers) Sunday:

Emily said yes, of course — because only MVP voters would deny Mike Trout.

As it turns out, this was part two of Moraski's prom proposal. Emily posted this pic two days ago, proving her man doesn't just rely on Trout's ample game: The two teens already say they "heart" each other in their respective Twitter profiles, so there wasn't much drama about what the answer to the prom question would be, just how it was asked. Makes you wonder how grandiose this generation's marriage proposals are going to be, doesn't it?

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