Jim Leyland costumes are all the rage in Detroit

Kevin Kaduk
October 22, 2012

Or maybe just a lot of older gentlemen in Michigan resemble the Detroit Tigers manager. This fella up above explains to the Detroit Free Press that a lot of people are calling him "Jim Leyland's brother" these days and it's not too hard to notice the resemblance (though we'd suggest the absence of a pack of smokes make him more of an "If They Mated" between Leyland and Sam Elliott).  

As the Tigers wait for their World Series date, it's interesting to see the complete reversal of Leyland's public opinion polls. After all, it wasn't that long ago that we saw Leyland managing an underachieving team in danger of missing the postseason as he landed on negative signs that had to be confiscated by his best position player.

Fast forward to today, though, and more than 70 percent of Tigers fans want him back as manager. The crusty old field general also has one Bleacher Report writer calling for the 67-year-old Leyland to receive a lifetime contract while Mitch Albom bestows the ultimate sign of redemption by making him the subject of a sappy column.

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