Jake Peavy paid $75,000 for his duck boat and he’s painting a World Series trophy on it

Mike Oz

Celebrating a World Series win with a parade around Boston was something Jake Peavy and his Red Sox teammates had been talking about since August. That's one of the reasons Peavy left the parade that day with one heck of a souvenir.

He bought the duck boat that carried him around the city. And now we've learned just how much he paid for it — $75,000.

Peavy was paid $14.5 million this season. That works out to roughly $24,500 per batter he faced. When you look at it that way, an inning's worth of outs paid for the duck boat, making it a pretty reasonable expense. It's like a normal person buying a candy bar while in line at the grocery store.

Except Jake Peavy says this was no impulse buy, according to the Boston Herald. He swears it. Peavy said he knew he was going to get a duck boat practically from the time he arrived in Boston.

When Peavy was sent to the Red Sox at the July trade deadline, he learned about the duck boats from teammate Jonny Gomes, who was talking about being one game closer to a parade. More from the Herald and columnist Steve Buckley:

“I thought maybe Boston has some kind of Mardi Gras-type thing I hadn’t heard about,” Peavy said. “But then I find out he’s talking about a World Series parade. They all were. It’s August, and they’re talking about it like it’s going to happen. It was crazy.”

Later, Gomes told him about the duck boats. And when he saw a photo of Peavy’s ranch, he said, “When we win the World Series, you gotta get the duck boat you rode on and bring it home with you.”

“Once I found out what they were, what they were all about, what they represented, I said I was going to get one,” Peavy said. “I looked at Jonny that day and said, ‘Absolutely.’ "

And now, what the heck is Jake Peavy going to do with a duck boat? He's taking it to that 5,000-acre ranch of his, which is in Alabama. The boat will travel there on a flatbed truck. Turns out the duck boat was used in World War II, which delights Peavy and his father, who is a history buff.

Peavy, however, will use it to commemorate another type of history. His first World Series win. He's going to have it painted in Red Sox colors with the World Series trophy on it. Presumably Jonny Gomes will be invited to visit for years to come and the two of them can guzzle beers and tell stories of the 2013 Red Sox.

“It’s going to say ‘Boston Strong,’ and ‘Red Sox,’ and it’s going to have a painting of the World Series trophy,” he said. “We’re going to keep it forever. My grandchildren are going to be showing that duck boat to their grandchildren. Long after I’m gone, that duck boat is going to be in my family to remind them of one of the happiest days of my life. They’ll know about the highlight of my professional career.”

In that case, when you're a man of Peavy's means, the duck boat sounds like $75K well spent.

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