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Home Run Derby crowd watches old Home Run Derby during rain delay

Kevin Kaduk
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Target Field

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MINNEAPOLIS — Harmon Killebrew died in 2011, but wouldn't you know the Hall of Famer and Minnesota Twins legend somehow still found a way into Monday night's Home Run Derby at Target Field?

As rain delayed the start of the contest, stadium officials opted to play an old episode of "Home Run Derby," the 1960 television show that featured baseball's best sluggers going head-to-head at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. The selected show was Episode No. 4, which pitted Killebrew (573 career homers) against Mickey Mantle (536). Killebrew won the contest 9-8, unseating Mantle from a three-week run as champion and netting himself a cool $2,000. (Don't laugh: That was serious money back in the day as Killebrew made only $20,000 in 1960.)

If Minnesotans were disappointed at shelling out serious money to watch black-and-white television, they didn't show it. The crowd cheered when Kiillebrew's first homer cleared the fence. 

The episode wasn't shown in its entirety, however, with a stadium version of "Family Feud" cutting short the Killebrew nostalgia fest. 

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