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Bud Selig has no idea what year it is — 2000? 2013? Eh, whatever

Poor Bud Selig. He's been so consumed with all this Biogenesis hubbub that he didn't bring his A-game Thursday night when emceeing the MLB Draft. Specifically, Selig slipped a few times and called this the 2000 draft rather than the 2013 draft.

Selig even goofed on the very first pick of the draft, Mark Appel. Oh, Bud. So much for using that clip when Appel gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. (What? Too soon?)

Can't fault Selig too much, I suppose. The year 2000 was a simpler time, back when Ryan Braun was still in high school and A-Rod was in his hero years. Heck, that draft was memorable because it was the year Adrian Gonzalez, Adam Wainwright and Michael Vick (!!!) were drafted.

You know who understands Selig's pain? Andre Dawson.

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