Tim Brown

  • Giants' Game 7 hopes rest with Tim Hudson, and if not him, then Madison Bumgarner

    Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tim Hudson came out of the shower late Tuesday night, a towel around his waist and another over his shoulder. He padded on shower shoes to his locker, dry-shaved his face, put on a blue plaid shirt and, at 39 years old, got to thinking more about what was ahead of him.

    Had things gone differently over the previous three or four hours, he'd have been half-steered by beer by then, singing something about fires on the mountain and celebrating the San Francisco Giants and his good buddy, Jake Peavy.

    Instead, the only sound in the visitors' clubhouse at Kauffman Stadium was the patter of water on bathroom tile, and the only unfilled space was just broad enough for Hudson, his teammates and whatever Game 7 of the World Series might hold.

    "There's not a game after tomorrow," Hudson said, and this is what is presented to him after more than 3,000 innings and 469 starts and a career chasing this very ballgame.

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  • Madison Bumgarner shuts out Royals as Giants move to cusp of championship

    Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports3 days ago

    SAN FRANCISCO – This particular World Series has been spent attempting to separate the qualities and deficiencies of two similar ballclubs, a pair of overachieving wild-card teams that played themselves into late October.

    By consensus, and by the results through four games, this was a somewhat unsatisfying endeavor.

    Along came Madison Bumgarner. Again. With still a game and perhaps two to play, and with plenty left to be decided, Bumgarner appears to be the difference.

    Bumgarner, the San Francisco Giants left-hander and the ace still standing in a postseason that has felled the rest, pitched the first World Series complete-game shutout since Josh Beckett in 2003, allowing four hits with eight strikeouts and no walks over the nine innings. The Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 5-0 and took a 3-games-to-2 lead back to Kansas City. Game 6 is scheduled for Tuesday night.

    For the second time in the series, Bumgarner outpitched James Shields, although this time Shields put up something of a fight. A pair of early runs, scrounged together with the typical plodding, base-at-a-time attack of the Giants, were all Bumgarner required.

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