It’s Time to Move E-Biking Way Up on Your To-Do List

Photo credit: Courtesy of Electric Bike Co.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Electric Bike Co.

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Riding a bike continues to become more accessible than ever, thanks in no small part to the emergence of pedal-assist e-bikes, like those from the aptly named Electric Bike Company. Whether you are getting into cycling for fitness, running errands in town, or heading out for an all-day adventure, there’s an EBC model that can get you where you need to go faster and easier, thanks to a small motor tucked away in the frame. With this silent, discrete booster helping you down the trail, the wind will always be at your back.

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All of which is to say, if you haven’t added an e-bike adventure to your bucket list (or an e-bike to your two-wheeled fleet), what are you waiting for? A guide to said cycles and experiences, perhaps? Looks like it’s someone’s lucky day! Read on, and prepare to be officially out of excuses.

A note for those still on the fence

If you’re concerned about your fitness or general cycling ability, one of the most beautiful things about e-bikes is that riders of every level can confidently saddle up and go. Not only that, but the pedal-assist motor has a unique ability to bring those riders together.

Imagine your partner goes out every Saturday and rides at a speedy 18 miles per hour. You no longer have to miss out on that ride and time together because you’re worried you can’t keep up. In fact, with a pedal-assist bike, you might find them riding behind you! All the while, you are still moving your legs and breathing fresh air. You will be more fit and happy for it, and so will your partner.


Deciding on the right bike for you

There are several styles of e-bikes to choose from, and Electric Bike Company has a high-quality option in every variety that’s built-to-order right here in the USA.

One of the fastest-growing categories is the gravel e-Bike. These have a relaxed road bike geometry with drop bars and wider tires. Gravel bikes, like the Electric Bike Company Model R, are also sometimes known as adventure bikes because they can go the distance over any kind of road or trail surface. The Model R gets there with the support of wider tires, a suspension fork with hydraulic lockout, a powerful motor, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Another option is the pedal-assist mountain bike. These are designed to take you off the beaten path and hit the single track with less sweat and more confidence to get over any climbs. The mountain bike will be the heaviest style because of the suspension.


Then, of course, you’ve got your classic cruiser-style e-bike. These are perfect for navigating town, running errands, or just getting some fresh air.

Every Electric Bike Company model can be fully personalized so that it's truly the right bike for you—choose every frame, fork, fender, chain guard, basket, rim, and rack, and they'll custom paint every one before building your bike in Newport Beach, California. The bike then arrives fully built with a 48-volt battery that delivers a maximum output of 1250 watts, or 28 miles per hour, when needed to accelerate or climb hills while carrying a load (up to 250 pounds).

Finding your adventure

With the ability to get anywhere faster and with less effort, you’re more likely to explore an unknown road or take the long way on a pedal-assist bike, which can help you discover your most adventurous self.


There are endless miles of roads and trails across America just waiting to be ridden (provided, of course, that you follow all the necessary precautions to travel safely if you plan to ride somewhere outside of your home hub). Once your Electric Bike Company bike arrives, consider adding some of these to your list:

The Great American Rail Trail

An ambitious initiative that was publicly announced in 2019 and will span decades, this route will stretch 3,700 miles across America using mostly old railroad beds that have been transitioned to bike paths. (More than 50 percent is already completed.)

There will be no cars on these paths—perfect for seeing what that motor can really do. Construction is still underway as noted, but you can currently access sections in 12 states from Washington, D.C. to Washington State.


Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone National Park

This 100-mile section of the Trans America Trail (also known as Route 76) is one of the most beautiful rides in the country according to the Adventure Cycling Association, which has mapped 41,420 miles of routes and rides in the USA.

If you cover the full stretch you will see wild bison, the Old Faithful Geyser, and cross over the continental divide three times. An e-bike is perfect for navigating some steep climbs to take in the views.

Ohio to Erie Canal

This 326-mile paved trail stretches from Lake Erie in the north through four large cities to the Ohio River in the south. On routes like these, you can always find parking and ride an out and back route over a smaller section of the full trail. And the rail-to-trail system always passes through towns, so civilization (and post-ride beverages) are never too far away.


Whether you’re riding across town, across the state, or trying to keep up with a friend, it’s time to consider an e-bike to help you have the most fun you’ve ever had on two wheels. Any bike that makes the experience a little easier and a little more fun is the bike you should ride. Time to hit the road!

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