Scowling sphynx cat is a social media sensation

Meet 8-year-old Loki. His grumpy face is like no other, and it’s made him an Instagram celebrity. With more than 74,000 followers, this not-so-furry feline is giving fans what they love — fierce frowns. Loki was adopted by Sara Anderson and her partner, Brent Erickson. They decided to go with a sphynx cat since they’re hypoallergenic, and Erickson is allergic to cats. “I do feel as if Loki chose us. It feels like he has been in our lives forever; he definitely has an old soul,” Anderson told People. Loki also has lots of wrinkles and what seems to be a permanent grumpy face, but don’t let that mean-looking mug fool you — he’s actually very lovable. ”I have never met a cat like him,” Anderson said. “Sphynx cats are so affectionate and loyal; he truly is our best friend.” He’s making lots of new friends, as his social media status keeps climbing. Check out Loki’s Instagram page and all his unforgettable frowns — we promise it will make you smile.