Rico Murray

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 196
College: Kent State
Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio
Draft: Undrafted
  • NFL’s five most overrated teams entering summer

    NFL’s five most overrated teams entering summer

    Are the Bengals, led on offense by A.J. Green and Andy Dalton, overrated? Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports It’s hard to prove that a team or player is overrated or underrated because perception isn’t something you can totally quantify. But I do spend an unhealthy amount of time consuming NFL Twitter, reading NFL analysis and watching NFL games. I know who’s getting love and who’s getting hate. And I know that in some cases, teams receive too much of one or the other. Here are five NFL teams that get too much love considering the state of their rosters. Cincinnati Bengals: There seems to be a perception that the Bengals just had an off year (6-9-1) and followed that up with a great draft, thus they’ll

  • Which AFC North player do you want most on the Steelers?
    Steelers Wire

    Which AFC North player do you want most on the Steelers?

    If you were Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert and could go cherry pick one player from an AFC North rival, who would it be? It is hard to think about players from a hated rival putting on a Steelers’ jersey, but the fact is there are plenty of spots on this team that could be improved with talent from other rosters. Yeah, it would have been easy to just pick the best player off of each team and just plug them in, but all of these players would fill different but significant needs on the Steelers’ defense. Getting a player like Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams would give the Steelers that massive interior player they lack and haven’t had since Casey Hampton. Cincinnati

  • Offensive rookie forecast: John Ross
    Bengals Wire

    Offensive rookie forecast: John Ross

    As we head toward the 2017 regular season, we at Bengals Wire are taking a deeper look into how the offensive rookies on the Cincinnati Bengals could fare in 2017. We’ll start with perhaps the most electrifying rookie on the team (maybe in the entire league): The speedy John Ross. Ross ran the fastest recorded 40-yard dash during the 2017 combine, with an official time of 4.22 seconds. This is the type of speed that can change the way an offense operates and this is exactly what the Bengals needed. However, he isn’t a one trick pony. In fact, he has a complete game as he runs crisp routes (short, intermediate and long) and can rack up yards after the catch. In fact, 12 of his 17 TD’s came from