Ben McCauley

Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 237
College: North Carolina State
Draft: Undrafted
  • PBT Extra: Five Teams with a chance to beat the Warriors

    So you’re saying there’s a chance…. It feels like the odds of any team knocking off a healthy Golden State Warriors team are about the same as you dying because you were crushed by a falling vending machine, but there is a chance. In this latest PBT Extra, I talk about the five teams with that chance. I think Cleveland has the best shot. First, they have LeBron James. Second, once they get healthy the Cavaliers have a good team around him with Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, and seasoned role players. Finally, the Cavs will come out of a soft East, while by the time the Warriors get to the Finals they will have had to fight through three physical, demanding Western Conference playoff

  • Breakfast with the Blazers: Evan Turner and his lofty defensive goal

    This summer, during a conversation with one of Evan Turner’s closest friends, my eyebrows were raised. Jelani Floyd, who is one of Turner’s childhood friends from Chicago, had just returned with Turner from a 12-day, nine-city shoe tour in China. Floyd was telling me about their trip, and Turner’s workouts, and how he had witnessed a spark ignite in Turner. Turner had started doing pilates, was working on his outside shot, and had set a lofty goal that caused me to pause and raise my brow. Turner, Floyd told me, had set his sights on becoming named All-NBA Defense this season. I bring that conversation up because Turner and his defense suddenly figures to be a central storyline in the Trail Blazers’

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