Modern ship Admiral Makarov strengthens aggressors forces in Black Sea - Pivden Operational Command

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Olha Hlushchenko - Monday, 23 May 2022, 01:44

Russia's newest ship, the Admiral Makarov, has set off from Sevastopol to join the aggressor’s group in the Black Sea.

Source: "Pivden" (South) Operational Command on Facebook

Quote: "Following the established tradition, the precise work of our units has downed an Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone, flying over the Kherson region - it has fallen along with the irreversible losses of the enemy’s forces."

"The situation in the Odesa region is stable and under control.

However, it should be borne in mind that the probability of missile strikes is still increasing in the light of the fact that one of the newest ships of the Black Sea Fleet, the Admiral Makarov, has advanced from Sevastopol to join the group of ​​7 large landing and 2 missile carrier ships in the Black Sea."

Details: In total, the aggressors lost over 55 personnel and several units of armoured vehicles as a result of the operations conducted by the missile and artillery units of the "Pivden" (South) Operational Command jointly with aircraft. The final number of losses is being confirmed.