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Ben Henderson's WEC lightweight is no longer interim, as he won over Jamie Varner with a guillotine at 2:41 in the third round at WEC 46 in front of 10,027 in Sacramento.

Varner was dominant through much of the fight. In the first round, Varner controlled action for an extended time by holding onto a front headlock and punching and kneeing Henderson. As the fight wore on, Henderson became more aggressive, using kicks to cause damage, but Varner still was in control.

That changed in the third round, when Varner used his wrestling skills to shoot in on Henderson and drive into the cage. Henderson caught Varner's head for the guillotine, and then jumped up and wrapped his legs around Varner's waist. Varner tapped, giving Henderson the win and undisputed WEC lightweight title.

After the fight Henderson was jubilant and respectful, thanking God, his opponent and the WEC.

"Jamie Varner's a tough, scary-looking dude, but thankfully I came out on top," Henderson said. He also said he will happily fight whoever the WEC puts in front of him. 

On the other hand, Varner was bitter in defeat.

"I was winning that fight," Varner said. "I came to fight, Ben came to grapple. It's two different things." 

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