Ex-Broncos safety criticized fans for leaving Thursday’s game early. Many clapped back

The Associated Press

Thursday night would have been a great day for the Major League Baseball playoffs to begin, because sports fans were itching to watch any game other than the “Thursday Night Football” contest.

The Colts prevailed 12-9 in overtime over the Broncos in Denver, and the best part of the broadcast was Al Michaels’ barely suppressing his own boredom with the game. At one point he said it was more like a “fifth regional (game) on CBS on Sunday.”

Many Broncos fans didn’t stick it out to the bitter end, that includes those at Empower Field at Mile High. This was an amazing site as regulation was ending.

That sight didn’t make former Broncos safety T.J. Ward happy. Ward, who played for Denver from 2014-16, tweeted: “I cant believe the fans are bailing. That ain’t it. #BroncosCountry . Regardless”

But fans let Ward, who also played for the Browns and Buccaneers in an eight-year NFL career, know they’re upset with the Broncos, who have a 2-3 record.

Here is what those fans were saying.