Everyone needs to do their part to stop litter

Thank you so much for addressing the litter problem in Kitsap County and throughout our state. (Kitsap Sun opinion, "Is Kitsap hopeless with highway litter problem?" March 6)

I just had a long conversation with my daughter about it last weekend and shared my concern. I have been driving to Gig Harbor for five years and have watched the problem get progressively worse. As was stated in the column it has gotten worse in the last two years. I would also like to mention that having gone across the U.S. last fall and having gone through 22 states I can honestly say our state had the most litter.

I was happy to hear that help is on the way but I also hope everyone will do their part by not littering, joining a group that helps with the problem or donating to help fund the cleanup. As one person said last week said, littering is a crime of violence against the Earth.

Claudia Alves, Poulsbo

This article originally appeared on Kitsap Sun: Everyone needs to do their part to stop litter