Newport County

24th League 2 | 4-10-5
  • Goals For
    22 GF
  • Assists
    15 GA
  • Shots
    134 Shots
  • Saves
    64 SAV
  • Victims in British sex-abuse scandal unite, call for justice

    Victims in British sex-abuse scandal unite, call for justice

    MANCHESTER, England (AP) The man whose harrowing testimony of being sexually abused by a youth coach sparked an ongoing crisis in English soccer wants to take the issue to a global level. “I can’t even begin to give you the numbers of people contacting me directly, not just footballers and ex-footballers but members of the public,” Andy Woodward told The Associated Press on Monday. “It’s everywhere.” If he’s not too weary by the sheer scale of the scandal he helped to uncover, Woodward will fly to New York on Wednesday to speak to an American broadcaster about his 30-year journey from abused youth player to an inspiration to millions. “I personally know that in America, there are certain things

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    Bolivian aviation agent requests help in Brazil after crash

    The investigation into a plane crash in Colombia that left 71 dead took a surprising turn Tuesday when Brazilian authorities announced that a Bolivian aviation official has sought help in neighboring Brazil. Federal police investigator Sergio Luis Macedo told The Associated Press that Celia Castedo applied for refugee status and a decision could take up to a year. According to a statement from Brazilian prosecutors, Castedo worked at the Bolivian aviation agency that approved the ill-fated flight Nov. 28 between Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and Medellin, Colombia.

  • Ibrahimovic denies deliberately kicking Coleman in the head

    Ibrahimovic denies deliberately kicking Coleman in the head

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic was involved in an incident in the second half of Manchester United’s 1-1 draw at Everton on Sunday which have raised a few eyebrows. As Zlatan and Everton defender Seamus Coleman tussled for the ball, the duo fell down and the Manchester United striker eventually fell on top of Coleman. However, as he went to get up he kicked Coleman in the head and the Toffees’ right back was later subbed out with an apparent head injury. Speaking to MUTV after the game, Ibrahimovic was asked about the incident. The response of the 35-year-old striker — who scored once again for the Red Devils to take his tally this season to 12 — to the incident was not exactly the perfect PR answer… “It