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Marian Hossa(notes) signed a 12-year, $62.8 million contract with the Chicago Blackhawks. Not too shabby, right?

Word is that the NHL isn't happy about the deal because it is rumored that the team talked to Hossa about retiring before the contract is up in order to lighten the load his contract would make against the salary cap. This would not be kosher with the league's current rules and could cost the Blackhawks $5 million and a bunch of draft picks if proven true.

Seems like the idea might have come up. After all, the right winger is already 30 and most players aren't playing into their 40s. Unless you're Gordie Howe, who should be coming out of retirement any day now. After all, the guy is only in his 80s and can surely still put a shot on goal.

Source: Toronto Sun

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