Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2-14-0, 4th NFC South
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Tampa Bay Carl Nicks 7/30 G Cut
Tampa Bay Kip Edwards 7/30 CB Signed From Minnesota
Detroit Quintin Payton 7/29 WR Acquired from waiver To Detroit
Tampa Bay Brendan Bigelow 7/28 RB Cut
Detroit Quintin Payton 7/28 WR Cut
Arizona Anthony Gaitor 7/28 CB Signed From Miami
Tampa Bay Jibreel Black 7/28 DT Signed
Buffalo Bobby Felder 7/25 CB Signed To Buffalo
Houston David Hunter 7/24 NT Signed To Houston
Tampa Bay Brandon Magee 7/24 LB Acquired from waiver From Cleveland
Tampa Bay Jeremy Grable 7/22 LB Signed
Tampa Bay J.B. Shugarts 7/22 T Signed From Detroit
Tampa Bay D.J. Moore 7/22 CB Cut
New England Nate Byham 7/20 TE Signed/unrest FA To New England
Indianapolis Aaron Burks 7/11 WR Signed To Indianapolis