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Today is the day that NFL teams can start sticking the franchise tag on players and the New England Patriots are expected to do just that in the near future with nose tackle Vince Wilfork(notes), according to the Boston Herald.

If Wilfork gets franchised, the team will owe him $7 million for next season. There are no rumors floating of any Wilfork trade. Last year's franchise player, Matt Cassel(notes), got tagged on the first day and then shipped on out of there.

The Pats have till Feb. 25 to put a franchise tag on a player, but unless there is some sense that a long-term deal is possible, Wilfork will get tagged much sooner than that. The Patriots supposedly offered him an extension in October that included a signing bonus that may have been as high as $23 million. And Wilfork said no. Yow.

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Source: Boston Herald

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