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Wednesday marks the five-month anniversary since Brett Favre conducted his tearful retirement press conference. Those were much happier times, because Favre left the Packers on his terms and received a warm send-off from the organization. Now, the relationship between the two sides is so fractured that no amount of mediation, counseling or fence-mending can repair it. Months of miscommunication, misunderstandings, insults, backbiting and bitter discourse have led to this unfathomable dilemma.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy made it clear during a nearly half-hour press conference Tuesday that Favre and the Packers can no longer coexist. It comes down to this: Favre feels he was treated shabbily by the Packers organization and can't get over it.

"The football team has moved forward, OK?" McCarthy said. "The train has left the station, whatever analogy you want. He needs to jump on the train and let's go, or if we can't get past all of the things that have happened, I need to keep the train moving, and he respects that. He understands that."

For one of the few times since March, Favre and the Packers are in complete agreement. Favre said in an interview with ESPN on Tuesday: "They want to know if I'm committed, but I want to know if they're 100 percent committed. The problem is that there's been a lot of damage done and I can't forget it. Stuff has been said, stories planted, that just aren't true. Can I get over all that? I doubt it."

Then, to make sure there was no doubt about his feelings, Favre took one final swipe at the Packers.

"So they can say they welcome me back but, come on, the way they've treated me tells you the truth," Favre said. "They don't want me back, so let's move on."

It's a sad ending for arguably the greatest player in team history.

Source: Press-Gazette

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