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The Houston Rockets are apparently thinking there is more than a 50 percent chance that a trade will be able to happen that'll take Tracy McGrady(notes) off of their payroll, according to ESPN. Rumor has it that the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls both have interest in bringing McGrady to their rosters.

There are apparently other teams asking about McGrady but these are the ones the Rockets would most like to trade with. The Wizards want to save as much cash as possible right now since the Gilbert Arenas(notes) fiasco has pretty much killed much chance of many more tickets being sold in D.C. this season. The team could send Caron Butler(notes) and some expiring contracts (Mike Miller(notes)? Randy Foye(notes)?) to Houston for McGrady.

It seems like the Rockets desire Chicago's Joakim Noah(notes). If the Bulls would send him and a few expiring contracts, such as the ones belonging to Brad Miller(notes) and Jerome James(notes), a deal could be done. The Bulls would reportedly love to unload Kirk Hinrich(notes) somehow.

And the longshot rumor is that the Philadelphia 76ers could send Andre Iguodala(notes) to Houston for McGrady. Believe that one when you see it.

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Source: ESPN

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