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Billy HunterExecs at the NBA and NBA Players Association are paying extra close attention to what's going on between the warring sides involved in the NFL labor battle, and reports that the lifting of the lockout by NFL owners Monday by U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson got particular attention from the two sides.

The NFL Players Association dissolved just before the lockout began in order to give it more legal flexibility and CBS reports that the NBA Players Association, led by Billy Hunter, "already has collected enough signatures to approve a vote for decertification" if a lockout occurs.

The site goes on to report that top NBA negotiators for more than a year have been holding out hope that a decertification by the players would be ruled a "sham" by federal courts. That hope has now been thrown out the window as the NFL labor situation has set a new precedent.

"This is a victory for all professional sports unions," Gabe Feldman, head of the Sports Law Center at Tulane University, told CBS.

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