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The Orlando Magic would love to add Carmelo Anthony(notes), Chris Paul(notes) or maybe even Monta Ellis(notes), and are willing to trade anyone on the roster except Dwight Howard to make it happen, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"The Magic are no fools," the paper notes. "They want to win a title and they know they need either a big-time scorer or playmaker to get past the Celtics or Heat, and then the Lakers."

So teams can take their pick: Vince Carter(notes), Jameer Nelson(notes), Mickael Pietrus(notes), Marcin Gortat(notes), Brandon Bass(notes), J.J. Redick(notes), Ryan Anderson(notes), whomever they want.

The Sentinel notes that the chances of getting Anthony or Paul are "slim," but that the Magic "have the assets to take part in the board games and definitely will listen."

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Source: Orlando Sentinel

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