• Kevin Garnett destroyed Randy Moss' dream of a Latrell Sprewell-esque NBA career
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    Kevin Garnett destroyed Randy Moss' dream of a Latrell Sprewell-esque NBA career

    Kevin Garnett and Randy Moss crossed paths as pros in Minnesota, but they first met as preps in Indianapolis. On Garnett’s Area 21 segment for “Inside the NBA,” Moss discussed his West Virginia glory days, which featured Jason “White Chocolate” Williams as his high school point guard.

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    Cavs' Irving shares inspirational message to motivate kids

    Kyrie Irving spent a day dedicated to transition and big speeches by delivering a message from the heart. Cleveland's All-Star point guard, whose own life has undergone major changes over the past year or so because of fatherhood, an Olympic gold medal and NBA championship, spoke to hundreds of school kids on Friday about following their dreams. To kick off a program promoting physical fitness, Irving shared some wisdom and experiences he hopes will help motivate kids to reach their potential.

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    NCAA time demands rules ignore the biggest problem in the situation: the games

    Only the five wealthiest conferences could debate what a day off means for their employees ... er, "amateur" athletes. Before the Power Five passed some sensible rules Friday to loosen up athletes' time a little bit, some amendments were proposed by the adults. USA Today reported one amendment, which overwhelmingly failed, would have allowed athletes to host a recruit on their day off provided they gave prior consent. Another amendment, which closely passed, allows life-skill activities to be held on athletes' off days. Some player representatives at the NCAA Convention weren't buying the amendments, recognizing how the system was trying to control days off for unpaid players who are supposedly