Los Angeles Angels

4th AL West | 31-42
  • Batting Avg
    .259 AVG
  • Runs
    312 R
  • Earned Runs Avg
    4.38 ERA
  • Home Runs Allowed
    96 HR
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    You can buy a 1994 Montreal Expos World Series Cap

    I’ll preface this by saying that what happened to baseball in Montreal totally sucked and that the Expos should rise again in the form of an expansion or relocated team with ownership that actually cares. I’ll likewise say that the 1994 strike sucked worse for the Expos than any other team because (a) they were clearly the best team in baseball at the time the season abruptly ended in August; and (b) the strike and its fallout led to the team being broken up and the promise that had been building there to totally be destroyed. However, the extent to which “man, that was a bad break for the Expos” has turned into the “the Expos definitely would’ve won the 1994 World Series had it happened” over

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    MLB Power Rankings: Rangers, Giants, Nats all chasing Cubs

    Derek Jeter is getting married, apparently. We’re not invited to the wedding. It seems only right to send along a gift, however, given his years of service to the game. MLB franchises probably are thinking the same, and are wondering what to get the man