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A new book is saying that the head of Ted Williams has suffered some nasty abuse in the time that its been stored in an Arizona cryonics facility, according to the New York Daily News.

The head had been attached to the Splendid Splinter's body when the 83-year-old's body was delivered to the facility soon after his death, but workers there apparently thought it would be fun to decapitate the last man to hit .400 and take pictures of the process. They then supposedly played games with his head, such as a form of batting practice. The book is called "Frozen" and is written by a former exec at the facility, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. It's due to come out on Tuesday.

The very few people who chose the frozen-body route after death, one of which is supposedly Walt Disney, were hoping that someday there would be a discovery that could bring them back to life. Obviously, Williams is going to need a few more discoveries than that for his body to ever fully be functioning again.

What is wrong with people?

Source: New York Daily News

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